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Orbis – The Flying Eye Hospital

The Flying Eye Hospital

Founded by Orbis International, their flying eye hospital started life in a DC-8 back in 1982.

In 1992 Orbis took a huge step towards global eye-health, by fully equipping a Wide Body DC-10 into a mobile eye surgery hospital. Being entirely unrestricted by traditional constraints in providing medical care, when comparing to the traditional brick-and-mortar surgery model.

Being able to simply relocate to any location where they’re permitted to land and carry out essential medical procedures for those whom cannot simply go to their local GP and arrange to see a specialist.

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital is unlike any plane you’ve seen before. A state-of-the-art teaching facility complete with operating room, classroom and recovery room – this amazing aircraft has been a beacon of hope since 1982.

Frequently positioned in locations where a simple visit to a general doctor can be impossible due to the many localised factors that dictate where, when and even if medical treatment can be provided.


Most of the people the hospital treats would almost never have the opportunity to get such a level of care in their country.

Orbis is the result of a unique and lasting alliance forged between the medical and aviation industries. In the 1970s, leaders of these two industries came together to create the plan that led to the foundation of Orbis. We knew that the high costs of tuition, international travel and accommodation prevented most doctors and nurses in low-income countries from participating in overseas training programmes. Even when they could afford to study abroad, their opportunity for direct clinical experience was limited because strict licensing laws often prevented them from performing surgery.


The Flying Eye Hospital truly is a feat in innovation,
bringing so many countries within reach of vital optical training and procedures.

Today, Orbis serves 18 Countries in their latest innovation of an MD-10 Aircraft, which was out-fitted then launched in 2016.

Holding some of the most sophisticated ophthalmic training equipment in the world the Orbis MD-10 is bridging a huge gap in global eye care.Learn More On Their Website


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