Aviate Pilot Training Solutions

Cost-Effective Airbus and Boeing Pilot/Engineer Flight Training Devices.

Our 737 Next Generation Full-Cockpit Flight Training Devices (FTD) have been developed in Consultation with Major Airlines and Training Organisations to give the Complete Functionality, Fidelity, and Flexibility you need at much lower costs.

Your Airline could soon be using our FTD and Flight Management Computer (FMC).

  1. Type Rating Courses
    EASA and FAA Now Authorise Up To 50% Of Conversion Courses In Our FTD. Typically, 40 Hours Of Full Level D Flight Simulator Time Saved.
  2. New FAA 'ATP' Certification Training Program
    Requiring 10 Hours of Simulator Time. 4 Hours Can Be Completed In Our FTD.
  3. Category C Familiarization
    Airfield-Specific Route Re-Qualification For Challenging “Threat and Error” Destinations.
  4. Scenario & Development-Based Training
    LOFT & LOE, Jet Orientation (JOC) and Multi Crew Courses (MCC); Ideal Introduction To Competency-Based Training For AQP/ATQP.
  5. Manual Handling Proficiency
    Address Fading Skills Proficiency with Ever-Increasing Aircraft Automation.


Unlike computer-based training or touch screen devices, Students get immediate exposure to full sized MCP, EFIS & CDU hardware, replica switches and selections all using our unique-Industry leading B737 software which is common to our entire product range.

Aviate Training Technologies FTD, FMC Trainer and standalone, Plug-in FMC/CDU hardware are the ideal, Realistic aides to develop and accelerate your crew's performance and confidence covering the full training spectrum and enhancing performance right up to the door of the full flight simulator.

Core Simulated World Features Include:

  • More than 24,900 airports with simple add-on software options for even higher fidelity
  • WGS-84 database for robust, whole-world modelling of topography and surface textures
  • Real-time weather options with accurate radar depictions for avoidance training
  • Selectable time of day, season and a variety of internal cockpit lighting effects

We Also Provide Professional Simulator Preparation Training