737NG Fixed Base Training Simulator

Aviate's Flight Training Devices Feature Physical Switches, Selectors, Circuit Breakers and Controls to Replicate a Boeing 737NG Aircraft Exactly.

We are confident you will not find a more accurate and immersive training environment, outside of a full motion simulator or actual aircraft.

Customise To Your Fleet with Full Flexibility
Using Aviate TT's Boeing 737 Software

  • Easily Changeable Between 737-600, 700, 800, 900, BBJ, BBJ2 & 3, and New Extended Range Aircraft.
  • CFM56 And All Current Engine Variants
  • Aircraft Performance Calculated Directly From Actual Flight Model Parameters
  • Comprehensive Systems And Malfunction Simulations With Accurate Aural Alert Sounds
  • Ground Operations Including: Ground Power, External Air Starts And Push-Back Functions

IOS Simplicity

The complete aircraft simulation requires just three networked PCs. The dual-screen, intuitive Instructor Operating Station (IOS) makes it simple to interact with the simulation, control the training, and manage candidates’ scenarios and workloads.

Our IOS software provides powerful tools for scenario building, monitoring, instruction, and analysis using a touch-screen interface and an interactive moving map display.

The full FTD features simple launch and shutdown procedures, and requires no on-site engineer support.

Available for LEASE & PURCHASE