Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC (SERA)

With our partners at ASTi, we are now pleased to offer you SERA: the Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC.

SERA can be fully integrated with our full flight-deck Flight Training Devices and FMC/FMGC Procedural Trainers to create a dynamic airspace with interactive Air Traffic Controllers and other aircraft on the ground and in the air.

This dramatically increases realism for all your flight training, improving students’ situational awareness while reducing instructor workload to create a better learning environment with the adoption of Competency-Based Training techniques.

SERA eliminates the distractions of instructor role-play by providing accurate real-world communications from push-back and taxi to take off, climb, and cruise with a vectored approach to landing.

All these require correct voice procedure for your flight between any of the world’s airports. A go-around situation can be created using the touch-screen Instructor Station to inject further trainee workload, and SERA correlates the visual depiction of external traffic in all of our product versions, which also allows TCAS RA events to be practiced.


SERA Is A Highly Effective Tool To Teach Students Who Speak English As A Second Language.

Our new B737NG solutions significantly reduce your Level D simulator time and costs for:

  • Type Rating Training
  • New FAA ATP Certification Program
  • Category C Airfield familiarisations for challenging “threat & error” destinations
  • LOFT, Command preparation and CRM development, especially situational awareness, task management, and communication skills
  • Jet Orientation (JOC) and Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) Courses
  • Competency-Based Training in preparation for LOE & ATP/ATQP
  • Manual Handling Skills proficiency to maintain and improve crews’ performance

In LOFT/LOE scenarios, crews will receive and must correctly read back, specific SID & STAR instructions while listening out for their own call sign amongst adjustable levels of other traffic which are present in the real world.

All airlines will push back from the correct gates and receive clearances to their usual destinations according to the airport, date, and time of your simulated scenario.

Unique speech-recognition technology teaches and reinforces correct FAA/ICAO RT phraseology to new pilots with each Controller having a unique, realistic “human” voice.

30 Distinct Text-to-Speech Voices

SERA Contains 30 Distinct Text-to-Speech Voices For Greater Variety Of ATC And Other Traffic Transmissions.

Accents include; AmericanBritish, FrenchGerman, ChineseAustralian & Korean, all providing realistic ATC phraseology.

As a result, Crew must actively listen and comprehend accented speech while simulating flights to international destinations.