FMC Trainer & CDU Device

Our FMC and CDU Procedural Training Devices provide students with an accurate representation of the Auto Flight System used in The Boeing 737 family of aircraft.

The Software at the heart of our device has been developed in collaboration with active pilots to ensure maximum accuracy.

The trainer is the perfect device for both teaching both the use of the Flight Management Computer and also the Auto Flight System that will be unfamiliar to pilots starting their first modern jet type rating.

It is of equal value in training experienced pilots of different previous types who are unfamiliar with Boeing’s philosophy of flight guidance.

Our system can fly all types of departures and arrivals that you expect from a real aircraft.

Give Your Students The Same Type Of Experience They Get In A Full Flight Simulator… At A Fraction Of The Cost And Time!

Consisting of an FCU, PFD, ND, CDU and Switching Panel, along with an ACP and Transponder.

  • Replicate many training tasks that would previously have required the use of either a fixed-base or full flight simulator
  • Students become familiar with the setup of a normal flight, and then fly that flight using all aspects of the the technology
  • The Software is the same that is used in our full cockpit FTD
  • Students have the ability to replicate any failure on the aircraft

We are justly proud of our Flight Management Computer Procedural Trainer and standalone-FMC/CDU training devices, which utilise our industry-leading Aviate Training Technologies 737NG software.

These FMC devices will allow your students to learn and practice programming for all pre-flight preparation and in-flight functions without incurring Level D Simulator charges and wasting precious time slots.

The Procedural Trainers are available with the groundbreaking Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC (SERA) speech recognition technology from our partners at ASTi.

Commonality of software across all of our products will accelerate learning and allow our students to become proficient with all functions of the CDU, preparing them for the next stage of training.

This maximizes their potential as capacity and situational awareness is significantly and rapidly advanced.

Our complete product range from standalone FMC/CDU hardware to the unique FMC Procedural Trainer will introduce crews to FMC programming at the earliest opportunity.

Nothing can fully replicate the sensations of a Full Flight Simulator, but our device will make sure that the time spent in a FFS is backed up with the knowledge and skills to make the very best use of that time.

Steven Masson
Aviate Training Technologies Founder/CEO

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